Our Approach

The MaxMine Methodology: Capture. Verify. Display. Improve.

MaxMine uses cloud processing power to analyse and visualise the data the system collects robotically with little-to-no delay, reporting easy-to-understand, actionable improvement priorities to the end-user in real-time via a clear, easy to navigate interface.

This allows your teams to instantly diagnose underperformance and other problems across single or multiple operations and make the required adjustments to meet or exceed your daily targets.

MaxMine’s AI learns continuously, meaning its intelligence and capability is constantly expanding.

Data is automatically cleansed, decoded and verified before it is added to the data cube, resulting in highly structured, complete, and accurate data. This allows you to focus on the areas of highest impact or the largest lever without having to process an extensive data set manually.

Our Engagement Model

Once mandated, MaxMine begins a process of sustainable technology implementation and deployment. Here’s how we’ll help you optimise.

Initial Diagnostic

  • Conducted as early as possible
  • Identify and agree on priority improvement focus areas
  • Trial loggers installed before the Diagnostic to gather sample data for analysis before and during the Diagnostic


  • System runs “blind” in the background to calibrate site nuances/collect baseline data
  • Baseline confirmed and agreed with the client’s team
  • Operator and supervisor training on various system outputs (web interface, auto-reports and wall-boards)
  • Roll-out of automated operator dashboards/other interfaces
  • Reports developed and deployed to drive improvement
  • Coaches work alongside site improvement teams to customise reports with site-specific requirements
  • Results tracking to ensure improvement and value delivery


  • Quarterly sustainability assessments to ensure improvement is locked in and to agree next focus areas
  • Roll-out next innovation add-on


  • Throughout this process, our experienced improvement coaches work in close collaboration with front line supervisors, superintendents and managers to identify improvement ideas and specific work plans designed and agreed upon by all stakeholders to ensure accountability and maximise operational performance

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mobile Assets

MaxMine’s deployment approach focuses on integrating business improvement with operations via smart technology.
Our four-step engagement model ensures maximum value and sustainable results:

Coaching and Capability Building
Product Integration

Product Integration

  • A Value Driver Tree approach helps prioritise improvement efforts on the highest impact levers
  • Automated system, no human error
  • Regular and recurring analysis and reporting
  • Reports are customised to individual client needs
  • MaxMine coach ensures that each feature is embedded into the Mine Operating System


  • A Value Driver Tree approach helps prioritise improvement efforts on the highest impact levers
  • Idea generation
  • Target setting
  • Results tracking
  • Improvement confirmation


  • Automated data and reports for production meetings
  • Ability to track specific input KPI’s to drive and recognise required performance
  • MaxMine coach helps ensure alignment throughout the organisation

Coaching and Capability Building

  • MaxMine enables very specific coaching to operators and supervisors based on their personal performance
  • Link training needs to skills and capability based on operator performance
  • An experienced MaxMine coach ensures that the required skills are adequately transferred

Detailed, Timely Reporting

  • Fully automated, fully customised reports produced every shift
  • Automatically sent to the relevant supervisors, superintendents and managers in time for pre-shift meetings, morning planning and management reviews
  • Ensures that corrective action for underperformance can be taken immediately